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 29 MWM seeks a friend with sexual intentions

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29 MWM seeks a friend with sexual intentions Empty
PostSubject: 29 MWM seeks a friend with sexual intentions   29 MWM seeks a friend with sexual intentions Icon_minitimeWed Feb 11, 2009 4:00 pm

As unsuccessful as I have been, I'm always open to the idea, this time with flowchart-like properties....

If any of the following qualities pertain to you, please seek your fun elsewhere....

Do you have gray hair or wrinkles in other places besides your scrotum?

Do you find it difficult to compose a message using more than 2 words?

Do you find it exhilarating to find a different hook-up every weekend?

Do you get horny, respond to ads, jerk off while in conversation with ad placer, then make up an excuse not to meet after you've busted a nut?

K, all BS aside, I'm looking for a guy who is close to my age. This means that if you picture us together and it looks like one of us has a daddy/son fetish, then please move on. I'm also NOT looking for BULLSHIT, so please do not waste my time. Chatting online breaks the ice, and gets a lot of the formalities out of the way, but don't IM back and forth telling me how you want to suck me off and have me bust a nut on your neck and rub it in with the tip of my dick, and then mysteriously log off never to return. I don't have anything against cybersex as long as both parties are aware of it... hell, i used to do it too.... when i was 12. Just be real, that's all I'm sayin.

Here is my situation... I'm disease free and plan on staying that way. I have a wonderful woman in my life. She knows and encourages me to do what feels good, as I do her. Now that I've mentioned her, lets put the brakes on and disclaim that you will not have a chance with her, nor does she want to watch, join in, fuck you with a strap on or any other fantasies you may have, so don't ask. K, brakes off, lets continue. I have a very free schedule, it would help if you did too, but I'm not the type to get all butthurt when you wont call in to work to put your dick in my mouth. I would rather host, I'm on the south side, about 5 min from downtown. I'd like to find a guy that wants to hang out and be friends, as well as having sex. Am i suggesting that you call me your boyfriend and we go skipping down Manitou holding hands? Fuck no... I'm comfortable with my sexuality, but anything that would tip someone off that you and I are fucking needs to be done behind closed doors.

You still with me? Good.... Superficially, as I eluded to before, i don't want to be with someone really old, it creeps me out, and if you have any gray hair at all, its not going to work. If you think you look young, then shave it or dye it. Weight seems to be a huge issue for 90% of you people here, and i can understand that. I don't like fat slobs either, but usually if someone is a fat slob, they have a lot more working against them then just the weight. That being said, i carry around more than i should, I carry it well, but my "stats" sound terrible. I hope that I make up for it in personality, but lets face it, most of the "single" chicks in the world have great personalities. Whats all this amount to? I dunno, if we hit it off, we can meet, hang out, and see what happens. I like to ride my motorcycle, weed is my vice, i rarely drink, never smoke cigs (I don't mind if you do, but before you come over, take a shower, brush your teeth, wear a new set of clothes, and don't smoke till you leave....lol). I'm not looking to jump right into the sack with anyone after chatting for 30 min, so don't get your hopes up. Sexually, I'm masculine, str8 acting, vers/lean towards bottom, mostly just into oral, but hope to expand my desires when i find the right guy.

Your situation.... well, lets see.... I'd like to say that I'm looking for married guys, since I am, and statistically, married guys are a lot less likely to be whoring around catching diseases and whatnot, but I've been chatting with a married guy for a few months now (never met once yet) and he cant EVER seem to get away from his wife. So if you are married, PLEASE be able to come out and play once in a while? Have a hobby, or at least something other than politics to talk about, motorcycles, cars, guns, hiking, sports, etc

To sum it all up, I'm an easy going guy, looking for the same. Yeah, that makes it sound REALLY easy.... I'm hoping that all the charisma in this ad pulls up some of the guys that are kinda on the fence, and wary of meeting someone for fear that they will be uber-fem, totally repulsive, or just a lunatic bastard..... Ive wasted quite a bit of time writing this, so please don't insult me with a "whats up?" and a pic of your cock.
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29 MWM seeks a friend with sexual intentions
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